About Us

We established Premier RN Geriatric Care LLC® to create a new model for health care management independent of traditional medical institutions to help our clients achieve optimum health care. We work to ensure our clients gain access to all necessary resources to accomplish this goal. Our care managers are all RNs with over 40 years of experience and will alleviate the stress of navigating the healthcare system. We also strive to provide care that will respect dignity and maintain independence.

Premier RN Geriatric Care LLC® is the leading professional all nursing and health care management provider in Northern Virginia and the metropolitan Washington, DC area. We provide quality, comprehensive health care assessments and individual care plans to help our clients reach the maximum potential for quality of life.


Serving the Greater Washington, DC Area

Founded in 2011, Premier RN Geriatric Care LLC® is located in Arlington, VA and we assist clients in throughout the metropolitan Washington, DC area, including:

Virginia: Arlington, Alexandria, Fairfax, Falls Church, Lorton, Fredericksburg, Chantilly, Reston, Herndon, Oakton, McLean, Centreville, Leesburg, Purcellville, Round Hill, Manassas, Ashburn, Sterling, Annandale, Springfield, Arlington, Falls Church, Vienna and Great Falls.

Maryland: Potomac, Bethesda, Silver Spring.

With our partners Humana/Senior Bridge, we provide services covering the areas of Charlestown, and Beckley, WV, metropolitan Maryland, Washington, DC and all of Virginia.


Premier RN Geriatric Care: Health management innovators

In an age of decreased payments to health care providers and changes to Medicare and private insurance reimbursements based on outcomes, hospitalizations, ER visits, and re-hospitalizations, the healthcare landscape is as complex as ever. Premier RN Geriatric Care LLC® is dedicated to helping our clients navigate this complexity, reduce serious events, and maximize quality of life.

Since our inception, Premier RN Geriatric Care LLC® is dedicated to achieving excellent outcomes for our clients by carefully coordinating the care and available resources to help prevent re-hospitalizations, decrease the risk of injury from falls, and reduce infection rates. This successful approach has enabled Premier RN Geriatric Care ®LLC to build strong collaborative relationships with Humana Senior Bridge and Workplace Options.

In the 7 years we’ve been in business, Premier RN Geriatric Care LLC® has achieved excellent outcomes for our clients. We take pride in sharing our innovative approaches by hosting a national video program called Arlington Eldercare Channel where we can help empower others to improve the management of elder care.

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Premier RN Geriatric Care Case Management Patient Center Care Plans for MD Offices

Premier RN Geriatric Care’s Case Management Division has devoted a service to assist with the Patient Centered Medical Home Concept for Primary Care Physician (PCP) offices.
What You Need To Know
Premier RN Geriatric Care LLC® will launch its new Case Management division this month. Accountable Care Organizations (ACO’s) as identified in the Affordable Care Act, have had a low success rate as the integration, collaboration and coordination of care among primary physicians offices are not producing desired results. Naturally, Geriatric Care Managers are taking more of a case management role to improve patient access and care.
In other words, proper care starts with case management – arranging community and medical resources for patients particularly with diagnoses such as stroke, diabetes, pain and congestive heart failure.
Per the Affordable Care Act, if you’re a Medicare beneficiary participating in an ACO (like 14% of the population), your medical history will be in good hands by case managers at Premier RN Geriatric Care LLC®, where communications with physicians are focused, organized and maintained for healthy results.
The Medical Home Model provides primary care, coordinates care and improves communications and relationships with MD’s and involved family members. Initially, and as the Medical Home Model continues to develop, the RN Case Manager is an integral and key professional to focus on individualized patient care.
Case managers at Premier RN Geriatric Care LLC® have already:
  • Developed a model to assess a client
  • Developed plans of care
  • Set up appointments as needed with primary care physicians and speciality physicians so that patients will maintain optimum wellness
  • Established relationships with Continuing Care Retirement Communities, and business vendors that supply goods and services to clients.
How It Works
Has your doctor’s office had difficulty following up? Premier RN Geriatric Care LLC® case managers will make necessary referrals and collaborate with physicians and coordinate care with resources in the community. This new proactive approach to client/patient relations will benefit all concerned, especially as patients become healthier over time.
The case manager accompanies the client to the Medical Doctor’s office, and is able to communicate the needs of the client and receive new orders, medication changes and establish needed changes for the client in their continuing care plan.
At Premier RN Geriatric Care LLC® our “Care Management” team, is primarily RN’s. We have developed this model because of the emphasis on clinical care and expertise to assess and develop the customized plan  of care and to continue assessing and updating the care plan, teaching with the goal of achieving positive outcomes for the quality of life of the client, family members actively involved with caregiving and to prevent re- hospitalizations and Emergency Room Visits.
The case manager, as part of the individualized process of delivering  acute care, will need to define their role with the physician, and the former will have to consider resources such as physical therapists, pain management specialists, nutritional experts, exercise classes and speech therapists.
Case mangers are effective at working through insurance claims departments to work with serious cases. The goal of the case manager becomes one of interpreting, collecting documentation to stream line medical care by creating a revised care plan and services. Ultimately the case manger will work thru cost containment measures with the insurance companies.
RN Case Management in The Community
Premier RN Geriatric Case Managers are extremely knowledgeable in the clinical setting, and collaborate with medical teams, coordinating care to accomplish cost-effectiveness and find a better quality of living outcomes for patients.
They Focus On:
  • Wellness
  • Quality of life
  • Coordination of care
  • Creating a network of collaboration between physicians and patients
  • Setting manageable care goals
Premier RN Geriatric Care  LLC® case managers are also called upon when the case involves a serious, complex and costly service agreement with poor outcome. Such cases (like catastrophic illness, repeat hospitalizations) are red flags for many group insurance plans, and case managers are more equipped to circumvent a tedious process.
Continuing Education, of the Physician and his office team must be aware that the Self Management Model of care is necessary to implement better patient outcomes. This is a mutually-agreed upon plan of care model between the client, case manager and physician, and involves interventions, goal setting and problem solving by the health care team. The case manager must assess the knowledge and behaviors, coordinate on a routine basis–at least weekly,advise the patient and team, including the MD using scientific evidence and  current information, agree upon treatments and goals, allow the patient and families to identify problems and barriers and arrange necessary services for the patient.


Clients We Serve

  • Individuals and families
  • Those suffering from acute and chronic conditions
  • disabled and mentally ill populations
  • Elder Law Attorneys
  • Bank and Trust Officers
  • Guardians and Power of Attorneys
  • Physicians
  • SNF, LTC, ILF, ALF Communities
  • Discharge Planners
  • Adult Protective Services & Social Workers