Coordinating your health care and ensuring you have the unique and appropriate care for an individual.

High Level of Attention

1 We go the extra mile. Our clients rely on us to ensure appropriateness and continuity of care. Our high-touch approach means we’re not only healthcare system navigators, but passionate advocates for you and your loved ones.

Experienced Professionals

2 We’re leaders in home health care. Our care managers are all RNs with over 40 years of experience. We know how to work with physicians, care facilities, insurance providers and Medicare to create a seamless healthcare experience.

Peace of Mind

3 Achieve peace of mind. Our approach is to plan and coordinate care that respects dignity, maintain independence, and empowers our clients to focus on what’s important: Being healthy and achieving a high quality of life.

We help you navigate the complexities of the healthcare system

Medical Home Practice Consulting

We help transform a traditional primary care practice into a patient-centered medical home.

Medical Equipment Consults

Assistance in evaluating, ordering and setting up special medical equipment.

Home Modification Consults

Assistance in selecting and implementing home modifications for health and safety.

Benefits & Insurance Review

A healthcare professional will review, explain, and clarify current benefits and policies

Relocation / Alternative Living

Assistance in locating and moving into an appropriate and safe new residence, including assisted living or long-term care facilities.

Case Management

Empowering you or your loved one with shopping, errands and social activities.

Long Distance Caregiving

Manage care and communications when the family or Power of Attorney are out of the area.

Doctor Visits

RN accompaniment during visits with doctors to help coordinate care.

RN Advocacy

Our RNs provide oversight and coordinate care in the home, hospital, or facility.

Geriatric Care Assessement

A comprehensive healthcare management assessment

Care Management

We can serve as a liaison between primary care physicians and specialists to ensure all care is aligned.

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